Hillary & Fake News ‘Won’t Be Sleeping Well Tonight’: Hannity Teases Details of “Tick Tock. BOOM” Report

The Gateway Pundit previously asked if Fox News host Sean Hannity and WikiLeaks boss Julian Assange were up to something. On October 8th, Hannity tweeted his famous “Tick Tock,” warning — but this time — with a twist, including a 7 day countdown. One week later, Assange followed up with his own cryptic tweet.  “T Minus 7 […] The post appeared first on The Gateway Pundit. Read More

Gingrich on Bannon’s Strategy: Don’t Cannibalize the GOP

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich on Monday told Fox News that Steve Bannon has the “wrong strategy” in targeting Republican Senators who pose a threat to President Donald Trump’s agenda.

Bannon, Trump’s former White House chief strategist, is promoting a field of primary challengers to take on Republicans in Congress in 2018. He thinks Sen. Mitch McConnell, and to a degree, Rep. Paul Ryan, were part of the “Republican establishment” nullifying the 2016 presidential election. Read More

Harvey Weinstein’s Contract Allowed Sexual Abuse | National Review

What began days ago as the story of one man’s revolting misbehavior has engulfed Hollywood, the Democratic party, key organs of the Old Guard media, and much of the Left.

Film producer Harvey Weinstein’s breathtaking plunge from A-lister to global leper occurred at record speed. Almost as quickly, his sexual-harassment and possible-rape scandal has exploded into an indictment of the powerful institutions that covered up and winked at his abuse of some 43 women — by the Daily Mail’s tabulation — across decades and on either side of the Atlantic Ocean. Read More

Toronto Schools: “Chief” — Microaggression against Indigenous People | National Review

The Toronto District School Board has announced that it will remove “chief” from all job titles out of concern that the word is a microaggression against indigenous peoples.

Now, if you were thinking, “Wait . . . ‘chief’? That word didn’t even originate as an indigenous word!” then you’d be correct. “Chief” is actually an Old French word meaning “highest in rank or power; most important or prominent; supreme, best,” originating from the Latin word “caput.” In other words: Not only is “chief” not an indigenous word, but also, none of its original meanings even had anything to do with indigenous peoples or their leaders. Read More